Five Peaks has designed and developed the most modern and durable products in the portable sanitation industry. Our mission is simple - provide the best products and customer service at a fair price.
Five Peaks units are designed for years of maintenance free service. Durable enough to handle day-to-day service on construction sites yet elegant enough to turn heads at special events. Five Peaks offers products with extra features that would cost you more anywhere else such as shelves, hooks, mirrors, hover handles and door hasps. All included. All at no extra charge.

FIVE PEAKS. It’s time to get more out of portable sanitation.


High Density Polyethylene skid with non-slip floor

Heavy-duty twin sheet door and jamb

Exterior door hasp

Sliding door latch with occupancy indicator

Custom formed door handle

Hover handle

Oversized stainless steel mirror

Integrated grab handles and
tie-down strap locations

Integrated vents eliminate
screen maintenance

Unique roof design
provides spacious
headroom and its
translucent properties
make the interior feel
bright and roomy

Vent pipe

Gender sign

Unique elliptical
shaped side panels
add integrity, strength
and interior room

Rugged thermoformed
65-gallon tank with sloping
lines to keep the top dry and
clean. Smooth interior with a
deep sump area makes pump
out quick and simple

Bumper-like corner extrusions

Stake down holes in all four corners